Introductions – CityCamp is All About Who’s There

We were hoping for 50, thought 100 would be awesome and now you’ve made it 150 registrants for the first CityCamp Minnesota on November 12.

An “unconference” is like taking the spirited coffee break and making it the entire conference. So, let’s get the ball rolling now online.

Imagine this, you’ve arrived at the conference and are mingling about and just joined a group of friendly folks. Everyone is looking at you …

1. Who are you? Be conversational.

2. Why are you coming to or interested in CityCamp Minnesota?

3. Share any contact details and links you wish.

Time to be unMinnesotan and toot your horn a little bit. How the heck are you going to connect with those you are meant to meet on November 12 if you don’t say hello? 🙂

Answer by first clicking “X Comments …” or use the comment box if you see it below. Select the option to receive introductions via e-mail if you want to watch them as more are posted.

P.S. We will keep bugging you to introduce yourself until at least half of those on the Eventbrite attendee list (scroll down) say hello.