Introductions – CityCamp is All About Who’s There

We were hoping for 50, thought 100 would be awesome and now you’ve made it 150 registrants for the first CityCamp Minnesota on November 12.

An “unconference” is like taking the spirited coffee break and making it the entire conference. So, let’s get the ball rolling now online.

Imagine this, you’ve arrived at the conference and are mingling about and just joined a group of friendly folks. Everyone is looking at you …

1. Who are you? Be conversational.

2. Why are you coming to or interested in CityCamp Minnesota?

3. Share any contact details and links you wish.

Time to be unMinnesotan and toot your horn a little bit. How the heck are you going to connect with those you are meant to meet on November 12 if you don’t say hello? 🙂

Answer by first clicking “X Comments …” or use the comment box if you see it below. Select the option to receive introductions via e-mail if you want to watch them as more are posted.

P.S. We will keep bugging you to introduce yourself until at least half of those on the Eventbrite attendee list (scroll down) say hello.

62 thoughts on “Introductions – CityCamp is All About Who’s There”

  1. Just answer these three simple questions and click “Post as …” to use your e-mail and name to “Guest” post.

    1. Who are you? Be conversational.

    2. Why are you coming to or interested in CityCamp Minnesota?

    3. Share any contact details and links you wish.

  2. 1. Who are you? Be conversational.

    My name is Peter Fleck and I live in Minneapolis. I earn my living as a web developer and recently started working with geographic information systems (maps!) for the web.

    I’m working on a couple of blogging projects now including an information storage blog for Seward Neighborhood in Minneapolis (where I live). (I suggested a discussion for CityCampMN on creating a community information infrastructure. Please go vote for it!)

    At my PF Hyper blog, I covered the Wi-Fi deployment in Minneapolis and found out firsthand how difficult it can be to get information from a municipal government or it’s hired contractor. It worked out in my favor as my blog became the global info source for the local deployment.

    I co-manage the Seward Neighbors Forum which is under the Steven Clift’s E-Democracy umbrella (just like the CityCampMN forum).

    I’ve lived in Seward Neighborhood for 30+ years, raised my daughter here, and now have 3 grandsons coming over to visit regularly. Besides sharing info on the local level, I mess around in the Maker community a bit working with an open source chip called Arduino.

    2. Why are you coming to or interested in CityCamp?

    I was at the first CityCamp in Chicago. Here’s what I said then:

    I believe A) it is very important to “free” data in usable formats in our municipal spaces and B) that we need to talk to our politicians and bureaucrats about why that is important and how it will help in the governing process. “B” might be more critical than “A”. Sometimes it’s not just the data but the process where video files of meetings are archived for less than a month and then disappear or are stored in a format that favors a particular operating system (read “Microsoft”). I want to find out what other cities are doing and how to initiate discussions about open access, archiving, and data formats with city officials.

    I’m also coming to share and learn from others who are working as citizen journalists in the hyperlocal media space. This is becoming a critical area as daily newspapers are struggling to find a way to sustain themselves. I started my Seward neighborhood blog after our community paper and online site could no longer afford to publish.

    The journalism part is still important but my own interests have shifted to the idea of a "community information infrastructure" as data storage. Flexible enough to also have stories/articles about your 'hood, linked to a community calendar, linked to a site for sharing neighborhood photos & videos. That's what I've done for Seward. The site should be an information resource for journalists, whether "citizen" or not.

    3. Share any contact details and links you wish.


    PF Hyper Blog

    Here's links to our Seward Community Information infrastructure

    I manage the first 5 above my email link.

  3. My name is Jon Gathje, and I’m currently an intern pastor at Trinity Lutheran Congregation in Cedar-Riverside, a music teacher in Eden Prairie, and a full time student at Luther Seminary. I’m originally from the great state of Nebraska, and I have lived in the Twin Cities now for 3 1/2 years.

    My hope is to engage great minds OUTSIDE of the faith community to learn more about how we as a church can see social media, Web 2.0, and technology as partners in telling our story.

    Here are the main contacts: (webpage) (e-mail)

  4. My name is Susan Mau Larson and I am currently Director of Public Affairs at LifeSource. LifeSource is a non-profit organization focused on offering hope andhealing through organ and tissue donation. In short, my job is to encourage more people to check the box to be a donor. I am also an MPA student at Humphrey and am currently taking Steven Clift’s social media class.

    I am very excited for CityCamp for a number of reasons. The first is that I have never been to an unconference and I think the format will allow for a lot of creativity and open discussion.
    As a communications professional, I am interested in learning more about how non-profits can engage community with the dual purpose of hearing what the community feels about their mission and inspiring the community to action.
    I am intrigued by learning more about what others are doing with technology and how they have used social media resources to engage community.

    You can follow me on twitter @susmaular
    I have just started a blog on school integration which is at
    If you want to learn more about organ and tissue donation follow our LifeSource blog at OR like us on Facebook!/donatelifemn

  5. I am Sally Fineday, I reside in northern Minnesota in the Chippewa National Forest and within the boundaries of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (an American Indian reservation). I am a member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. I am currently conducting outreach with E-Democracy and hoping to build a foundation for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe that will lead to broadband access across it’s sixty by sixty mile area, most of which is rural and remote.


  6. Hi ! I am Sunil Kumar, a Government of India Fellow, seeking my degree in MPA at Humphrey School. I have been in Minneapolis, and in this country, for about 10 weeks now and enjoying my stay here. I am taking a course in social media – engaging democracy and communities online – with Steve at the school and am looking forward to the unconference experience on the 12th Nov. Being new to the place, its culture, habits, outlook and work approach, and particularly the difference in its levels of development vis-a-vis India, I am excited to be a part of this serious fun.

  7. Hi I’m Katie Berry, a grad student at the Humphrey pursuing my Master of Public Policy degree. I also work in communications and social media for the Minnesota Department of Commerce as well as serving as the communications director the U’s graduate student government.

    I am coming to CityCamp Minnesota to learn from and engage with passionate, smart individuals who are connected to many different areas of citizen engagement in Minnesota. I am taking a social media class with Steven Clift and am really excited to attend my first unconference.

    You can follow me on Twitter @katiecberry or connect with me on LinkedIn at Katie Berry. Additionally I have a policy blog on youth unemployment and job growth that can be found at

    I look forward to meeting all of you!

  8. My name is Michael Altmann. I was trained as an applied mathematician, created simulation models of disease spread for a while, and have spent the last 15 years writing health care software at McKesson. I mostly write large enterprise applications in C#, java and HTML, but I have dabbled in mobile technology. I am the moderator for Linden Hills’ new e-democracy forum. I am particularly interested in ways that technology can be harnessed to foster community, but not replace face-to-face community. I don’t think technology can replace the fun that kids have digging fresh carrots out of the ground, but I’d love to see how technology and open data can make though kids of magical moments happen.

  9. Hi, I’m Ami Wazlawik. I’m in my second and final year of the Master of Public Policy program at the Humphrey School, where I’m studying social policy and prevention science. I’m an intern with the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support, where I’m working on implementing, improving and expanding a hospital-based protocol for victims of youth violence.

    I’m interested in the CityCamp Minnesota because I’ve been to a few unconferences and have really enjoyed myself. I’m also very interested in how social media can be better used by all types of organizations and government agencies, and am currently taking a Capstone class in which my group is looking at ways that county government can improve communication with its citizens.

    You can follow me on Twitter @awazlawik, or check out my blog at

  10. Hi – I’m Michelle Fure, and I work as the outreach coordinator for the Metropolitan Council. I have worked in government communications for the past several years and prior to that I was a newspaper reporter both here and in other parts of the country. My primary interests are in public information – specifically providing clear and useful information for the public, as well as finding ways to engage the public in various government activities. I believe technology (mobile devices, the web and social media) provide tremendous opportunities for connecting people – it’s just a matter of finding a platform that works for each user, without inadvertently creating barriers to participate.

    I’m also an election judge in Ramsey County and have volunteered with E-Democracy.Org for the past several years. I was previously the St. Paul Issues Forum manager and now serve on the advisory committee for the current forum manager.

    I am looking forward to City Camp to share information – particularly what other organizations have tried for engaging folks and what lessons they’ve learned. I would also love to see if there’s a way to create some kind of ad hoc group to brainstorm and discuss ideas for continuing the conversation after the conference.

    Specifically, I’m doing more work with our social media policies and we’re looking for ideas as we prepare for a web redesign to begin in the next year.

  11. Hello all. I am a humble web applications developer with a background in art and design but also balance that with lots of technical experinece. My interest in CityCamp is to learn more about how organizations make decisions and adapt over time. I would like to know this so that perhaps I can find a way to innovate in this space. I’ll give one example to illustrate. MN Dept. of Human Services uses a system called MAXIS that is very complex and serves as the tool over 2,000 county financial workers use to make eligibility determinations for many essential programs such as food assistance and medical assistance. The system works despite the myriad of arcane laws and demands it must deal with. However from my perspective this system gets little love, its been around since the 90s. Many intelligent hard working county employees spend much of their valuable time and energy serving the system rather than their clients. For example most forms are filled out by hand and thus need to be scanned and then transcribed into the system. This problem was solved well over a decade ago why oh why are they not using web forms yet. The seemingly ancient user interface can also be a big productivity bottle-neck. There are constant backlogs that lead to problems like someone becoming ineligible because their documents were not processed in time, thus requiring them to, call in confusion and file again for service thus multiplying the already overflowing workload and stress level for our county employees and their clients. And yet despite all these problems it seems nobody has the power to change the system so they layer more process and oversight on the workers to make up for a broken system.

    This is just one system, I can’t imagine what the rest of our city, county and state processes look like if this is any indication. I’ll be looking for smart people that can explain this problem to me or who have good ideas about how to help organizations break free from the tyranny of working systems that are actually very broken.

  12. WHO I AM: Adrienne Peirce

    WHY CITYCAMP: I am the Executive Director of the West Bank Business Association, so I’m interested in innovation that affects cities and neighborhoods. I’m on the board of minne✱, a local organization catalyzing technology, so I’m interested in how technology fits in. And I’m totally obsessed with social innovation and using business ideas to create social change- check out to learn more.

    CONTACTS: @PorpoiseNews, @AdriennePeirce

  13. I am Brian Heck and I am the City Administrator for the City of Shorewood, MN. I have an MPA and have worked at the city, county, and state levels in my 20+ year career.

    I am attending this unconference to continue to learn about what people think about government and what I might be able to bring back and implement in terms of garnering greater citizen involvement and what tools the city can utilze to improve our communication and engagement of our residents.

  14. I’m Scott Cole. I’m involved in three initiatives: 1 for-profit hyper secure cloud records & file management solution (ZetaVault), board chair for the social enterprise alliance chapter (, and my nonprofit focusing on closing the education disparity/achievement gap ( All of these pursuits are grounded in using technology to improve the performance of organizations looking to deliver better outcomes, and ultimately building collective impact through true collaboration.

  15. Hello fellow geeks, wonks, and engagement enthusiasts! As an Master of Public Policy student at the Humphrey School and a member of the Social Media, Democracy, and Engagement course, I’m really looking forward to a day of conversation with you all. My background is predominately in philanthropy and organizational infrastructure. I’m particularly interested in the cross-sector leadership challenges of opening up data and stirring up engagement online. I can’t wait to learn more about what’s going on around Minnesota related to the open government movement and how philanthropy can better support this activity.


  16. Hello everyone. I’m a web applications and Drupal site developer whose daytime work has recently focused on configuration management.

    I am interested in CityCamp because I set out building a site platform designed to help neighborhoods connect to collaborate on consolidating services in their area, like trash and lawn care. This is a huge pain point in suburban communities which pay drastically more because they have either no or limited service coordination provided for them in these areas. This site is called BidNear.Us and it’s been a serious project of mine. However, the minor technical challenges haven’t even held a candle to the marketing issues involved with attempting to bring a community together.

    I’ve been concerned about the challenges of Community 2.0, how to increase community engagement, and how to encourage green, energy-saving behavior that lowers communal costs.

    @colinmlee @bidnearus

  17. I’m the Web Site Coordinator for Anoka County. I’d like to learn how local government and non-profits are using open directories to share information about services, locations and events, both with eachother and with the public. As a one-person shop, I do a little of everything, from .NET and Javascript programming, to page and user interface design, to social media consulting. I’m looking forward to a great day at CityCamp!

  18. Hey all!

    I’m Trent M Kays, and I’m an educator, activist, writer, and PhD student in the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota. I teach both lower and upper-level rhetoric and writing courses. My research interests focus on issues related to rhetoric, writing, and the Internet. My writing appears in The Minnesota Daily (, The Good Men Project (, GradHacker (, and ProfHacker (, among other places.

    I’ve been involved with unconferences (THATCamp: before, and I know they can be engaging and fun. I’m interested in how communities are mediated and engaged through social media and digital technologies. I’m in the process of establishing a non-profit educational activist organization, and while I do have experience with social media and digital technology engagement, I always find discussions with like-minded colleagues important. Those discussions often make me think and rethink issues I’ve been mulling over, and I’m interested in seeing what others are doing and/or want to do.

    I’m excited about this opportunity, and I look forward to connecting with everyone now, on the 12th, and after the unconference.

    Here are my contact details–


  19. Hi everyone. My name is Jon Koll. I am in the mid-career Master of Public Affairs program at the Hubert Humphrey Institute at the U. I have worked in the mental health field for nearly 30 years, the last 18 as a Licensed Psychologist. I am transitioning into retirement from this stage of professional work. I am now developing a non-profit which will focus on engaging the baby-boom generation and young people (high school-age) into creative problem-solving in a variety of social-problem areas. I am taking the Social Media course this semester through the Humphrey Institute and am becoming impassioned about social media. I am a neophyte, but an on-fire one! The idea of an unconference is wonderful and I’m really looking forward to the day. Everyone I’ve told about an “unconference” has essentially said: “What a great idea”. The line up looks great.

  20. Greetings! Paul Wickman here, with Northstar Geographics. We specialize in applied geospatial analysis, web application development, business intelligence services and GIS consulting. We serve a number of different sectors, both public and private; public safety, infrastructure management, litigation support and environmental resource management are just a few.conversational.

    I first learned about CityCamp as we’ve started getting involved in CodeForAmerica and Open311. I learned more about the local community through my colleague, Peter Fleck @pfhyper. We’re starting to develop some new tools (some of which will be free for community use) to specifically help neighborhood organizations like Frogtown in St. Paul employ GIS and mapping. For example, did you know that Excel energy had no information showing the location of street lighting in the alleys in this neighborhood? Through the use of GIS (including some open source software) the neighborhood decided to map things like this themselves.

    I look forward to meeting everybody next Saturday!

  21. Hello hello!

    I’m thrilled that CityCamp is now in MN! I’m a social entrepreneur and am looking forward to meeting with other local socents and people passionate about technology and social change. The breakouts will be great to bounce ideas around and collaborate on topics from micro to macro.

    My startup, Advocate Interactive, provides social apps to nonprofits and political campaigns to mobilize audiences for change online. We’re working with some great national orgs like Glaad and Earthjustice, but also some great local orgs like the U and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

    I love talking technology/social media for social change – definitely strike up a conversation if you’ve got questions or cool ideas in these areas!

    Bud Fisher

  22. I am Donna Schmitt and a member of the city council in Columbia Heights. CityCamp Minnesota sounded intriguing and thought it could be a good way to get some fresh ideas into local government. It is very impressive, all of the different people from many backgrounds that you have coming to this event.

    The unconference idea is a new idea for me and not sure how it will work. (Just a little skeptical.) But I am willing to try something at least once!

  23. Saturday’s coming! I can’t wait to see how this all works out. I’m a Humphrey grad student, the Vice Chair of my city’s Planning Commission (Grant), a graphic designer by trade, and public affairs consultant in training. I’ve planned many events and have attended plenty o’ conferences, so am excited to see how the process of an unconference works. I’ll be one of those wearing ‘the sorting hat’ so encourage you to submit some great ideas and hoping there will be one on social media and small town government. (hint) The countdown begins – we are just days away!

  24. Hi! Susanne Hinrichs here. I live on a small farm south of Brainerd and am interested in meeting other concerned folks of Minnesota at CityCamp. My work is on a project called the Minnesota Intelligent Rural Communities Program which is helping to promote and teach the uses of broadband technology in rural areas through a grant from the Blandin Foundation. I specifically work for the University of Minnesota Extension to help rural business communities with the challenges of doing business in today’s digital world.

    I am specifically interested in representing the rural voice at CityCamp and connecting with everyone who will be at the UnConference. Looking forward to it!

  25. Greetings, fellow CityCampers! My name is Kevin Anderson. My day job is head of Information Services (= traditional I.T. + Research, Planning and Analytics) at the Greater Twin Cities United Way. I’m excited to see some ideas on the brainstorming list about how non-profits might use data to increase their impact. Obviously this is a big deal to us. One of things that keeps me busy outside of work is a number of volunteer roles with Minneapolis Public Schools. It’s in this area that I’m really excited about applying the ideas we’ll discuss at CityCamp. The challenge here is not just how to leverage data/technology/Social Meida on behalf of a the students & parents at a public school district, but how to do so in a district where the digital divide is such a real and pervasive issue. See you Saturday!

  26. I work with one of the neighborhood groups in St. Paul. One of the projects we’re working on something called the Creative Enterprise Zone–an effort to make the Raymond and University area recognized as a center of creativity and enterprise. The vision is rooted in the idea that creative work is both necessary and satisfying; that an increasing number of people will make a living through their creative capacities, and that a desirable place to live and work exists when there is a vibrant mix of people and ideas. I’m hoping that CityCamp will be a place to explore ways to develop creative ways to connect people and ideas at a neighborhood level.

  27. Greetings! Stephanie, here – I’m a grad student at the U of M focused on community outreach and the Arts. I’m interested in CityCamp Minnesota because I’m not only curious about the unconference format, but I’m also looking for innovative and creative ways to make use of the web from the standpoint of a non-profit leader. I look forward to the ideas we’ll generate!

  28. Hey, all! I’m a public education parent activist, soccer mom, and co-chair of the parent organization at South High School, a fabulous urban HS, where our kids are doing great work while learning to become global citizens. I am attending to find out ways to better connect our schools and community organizations together. Most of our students have a service learning requirement, many of our families are not digitally connected, and over 10% don’t speak English at home. I’m looking for every way possible to build strong connections between students, families, schools, and communities. In a city with less than 20% of households having children, it is important for our greater population to understand the value of our youth as the future scientists, mathematicians, artists, politicians, inventors, and philosophers. Public education is a cornerstone of our democracy and we all need to participate in and support it.

  29. Hello, everyone! I am a current student at the U of M, halfway through year two of the professional masters degree in Strategic Communications. I have been working for The McKnight Foundation for just over a year as the communications assistant. In addition to proving general communications support, I also maintain the Foundation’s social media channels. Prior to this, I was an environmental specialist for Washington County Public Health and Environment, working on communications related to waste reduction and recycling.

    I am attending CityCamp as part of Steven Clift’s Public Affairs class. This will be my first experience with the unconference format and am excited to see what shape the conversations take.

    I will be tweeting via @S_Eisentrager

  30. Hi – My name is Matt Lindstrom and I’m a Communciations Specialist with the City of Minneapolis. Part of my job is to manage the City’s social media channels and I’m always looking for new and better ways to engage with the people of Minneapolis. I’m hoping CityCamp will spark some fresh ideas about how we can use social media, web 2.0, and technology to better serve people who live in, work in, and visit Minneapolis.
    I’ll be tweeting as @mlindstrom
    The City of Minneapolis is on Facebook at and Twitter @CityMinneapolis.

  31. Yellow! I’m a freelance writer and community builder. I cofounded to cover underreported social entrepreneurship stories. I’m insanely interested in bettering our communities and that’s what I hope to help with at CityCamp Minnesota. Connect with me at — all the usual social mediums are there.

  32. Greetings! I’m Elise Ebhardt from the City of Minneapolis, I work in our IT department, in a coordinator role. I love techies, engineers and social service/social change agents for their talents for making magic and I’m a psychologist at heart. I believe everyone does better when everyone does better and can’t wait to see how CityCamp works and what comes out of it.

  33. Hello all,
    My name is Ryan Miller and I run a small company that I recently relocated to the Twin Cities named Urban Glue. I’ve been working for the past several years helping cities promote their sustainability activities through the use of various types of technology. Some of the work I am currently involved in or have been involved with are Cisco’s Urban EcoMap (, working with the Planetary Skin Research Institute, and solar mapping (i.e. I’m looking forward to CityCampMN to learn and share ideas about using technology to promote city activities. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with you.

    Ryan Miller

  34. Who am I? My name is Chris Gade. By day, I lead the team responsible for External Relations at Mayo Clinic — that’s media relations; syndicated news content; social media; and generating visibility for Mayo Clinic Research. By night (and weekend), I’m a grad student at the Humphrey, on track to earn my Masters of Public Affairs some time in 2012. Primary area of interest — civic engagement.

    Why am I coming to CityCamp Minnesota? That’s easy. We have to. Beyond that, I’m very excited to be part of the energy of people coming together and committing themselves to formulate solutions and work with one another in a civil way, not motivated to tear each other apart/bring each other down.

    Links: e-mail:; blog: ; @Chris_W_Gade

  35. Hi there! My name is Mary Yang, and I’m the Marketing Communications Manager at GovDelivery. I’m passionate about communications and engagement. I have an affinity for how social media can help us communicate important messages but also how it conflates the personal and the public (i.e. your virtual self). I went through Wilder’s Neighborhood Leadership Program a while back, and I was a coach for the program as well, so I have some familiarity with community engagement & leadership.

    This will be the first CityCamp I’ve ever been to, and I’m excited to hear what others in our community are doing to enhance their communications. I’m looking forward to the creativity & innovation, and hoping to get/share some great ideas!

  36. Hola! My name is Tyler Olson and I founded SMCpros, a social media agency based in Minneapolis. We do social media strategic planning, implementation, training, management, and monitoring for businesses and brands in town including Famous Dave’s, Goodwill, Toro, and others.

    I’m attending for two primary reasons:
    1. I’m interested in doing more government work and want to learn more about that
    2. We need to hire 2-3 people by the end of the year and I’m looking for help to find the top social media talent in the Twin Cities.

  37. Hi Everyone! My name is Ambreasha and I’m a Humphrey 2nd year Public Policy student. I have worked at the University of Minnesota Foundation for over 5 years now in the Accounting & Central Receiving department. I am also working with a charitable organization as a Promotions Manager that puts on events for young professionals and donates proceeds to support various causes. We really try to tap into our followers & Facebook friends when it comes to promoting events. I like thinking about different social media strategies. I absolutely am fascinated by the impact & effectiveness of social media being used as a marketing, informative, and engagement tool. I am attending CityCamp to learn about different ways to expand my skills with using social media especially in a community setting. I am excited for this event! 🙂


  38. Hello – My name is Amelia Brunelle. Currently I serve in about 100 roles (at least that’s how it feels), as dual graduate student at the U of M (MBA and public policy), as well as work with the Center for Integrative Leadership and volunteer as a development and online engagement for a locally based NOG. I have never participated in an unconference, but am excited to try it out. I’m a lover of all good conversation with new people, so this should be fun.

    As part of Steve’s social media course at the Humphrey, I’ll probably be running around making sure everyone is where they want to be, so feel free to grab me and say hi. I’ll also be tweeting throughout, so if you have a question, are lost, or just curious as to what snarky comment I just made, follow me @Lia_Bia

  39. Hello All. My name is Dennis Still and I am the “data guy” at GovDelivery, Inc. I get to spend my day analyzing, imagining, and thinking creatively about how data can provide insights. I am very interested in learning what others in different organizations are doing with data and how it is used to effectively engage citizens/stakeholders/etc. I believe that data can lead to ultimate wisdom about citizens and what they truly want. It obviously isn’t the only answer, but one that is powerful when done right.

    I am looking forward to interacting with everyone at CityCamp. Please introduce yourselves to me and I look forward to some amazing experiences.

  40. Hey hey, my name is Bill. I am a recent graduate of the Humphrey School’s MS-STEP program who currently lives in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. Currently I intern for Thomson Reuters while trying to start a career focused on the social and democratic impact of computing and communications technology. A friend and I are also in the early stages of starting a project, FriendlyToS, that aims to help Internet users understand the dense legalese of websites and become aware of their rights and responsibilities on the Internet.

    I’m coming to CityCampMN for a few reasons. I really would like to get to know the community of civic-minded techies in the area and find out what cool and interesting things are going on. I’m also looking forward to finding helpful information for starting an Internet project. Finally, I just really like events like this: they are exciting, stimulating, and always fill me with so much to think about. Plus, I get to go hang out at the Humphrey on a weekend – its like I’m back in grad school!

    You can follow me @wbushey and read my blog at . You can also find FriendlyToS @FriendlyToS, and visit its website at .

  41. Hi everyone! I’m Catherine Menick with the social media class taught by Steven Clift. I’m in my third year of a two year Master’s Program at the Humphrey School for Public Affairs. When I’m not in school, I’m interning with the League of Women Voters Minnesota on the State of Democracy project. Given how useful the social media class has been, I can’t even begin to imagine what we’ll learn from each other at the unconference! See you bright and early 🙂

    Twitter Handle: @PolicyGradMPLS

  42. Hello,
    I’m Co-Founder and CMO of Heroic, seen here… I’ve recently returned to Minneapolis after spending 3 of the past 4 years living abroad teaching English and wandering. I’m excited to get further involved in the community.
    Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can.

  43. Hello All, My name is Janie Norton, and I am a Project Manager working with MetroGIS and the Metropolitan Council. I am also the Chapter President for a local non-profit, Amigos de las Americas.

    We at MetroGIS are just starting the process of evaluating how we can work with our community effectively using web 2.0, social media, and other collaborative tools. MetroGIS is a voluntary collaboration of local and regional governments, with partners in state and federal government, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and businesses.

  44. My name is Paula Anderson. I’m an account executive with a St. Paul agency that impacts the destiny of brands. I’m attending the conference with a friend because I love learning new things and networking. But I’m *still* not sure I understand what the unconference actually is. Hoping after I attend, it’ll sink in.

  45. Hello all! Jennifer Armstrong here. I do project coordinaton for E-Democracy, maintain the website and edit about 150 pages a week—all from home—a rural farm in the Great North Woods of the East Iron Range! I, too, am interested in rural connections and am helping Amy Burnette and Sally Fineday, the Cass Lake Leech Lake E-Democracy Forum outreach team, and we’re all coming down for the unconference! If you’re working on rural connectivity issues, please seek us out!

    I am also gearing E-Democracy up for next week’s GiveMN effort, so if you’re an organizer for GiveMN for another group, seek me out!

    This will be my second unconference. The first one was part of an earlier Blandin effort, and I think it’s great how so many are willing to take that leap of faith in showing up and engaging to create something wholly new. It’s inspiring and I confess, somewhat initimating.

  46. Looking forward to City Camp this Saturday! I handle the web and graphic design for the city of Minnetonka, running our website and intranet, designing the layout for our publication for residents, the Minnetonka Memo, and many other duties as required. I do my best to keep up with new trends and technologies in web design, so that I can use those to help deliver better customer service to those who live and work in Minnetonka. I also serve as Secretary for the National Association of Government Webmasters and helped start a local group, the Minnesota Association of Government Webmasters. In both cases, I strongly believe in working together with webmasters in other communities to learn from each other so we can help serve our communities better. I look forward to learning more about the Gov 2.0 movement and finding new ideas that our community can put to good use, and that I can share with other communities through the groups with which I am involved. You can find me online via Twitter @MarcDrummond or on my blog at

  47. I’m Geoff Hankerson. I am primarily a Drupal developer with experience running sites for some of the biggest names in the music industry. That said, I really long to work on things that MATTER (and still make a living if I can). I hope to find inspiration and network at this event.

  48. Hello, I’m Jack Ray and I work for the City of Saint Paul in the Department of Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity. I work to increase contracting and business opportunities with the City for women and minority owned businesses. I’m interested in open data and citizen engagement and empowerment. I was at CityCamp Chicago and loved it. I’m interested in public policy in a variety of areas, particularly transportation, water, and youth policy, and in electoral politics. I look forward to meeting folks.

  49. I’m with the Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7). We are one of the 17 District Councils in the City of St. Paul. We have spent the last two years developing a database and GeoMoose system that allows us to “Map the Community Organizer’s Brain”. We structured the map by duplicating the pertinent data held by City and County governments. Then we layered it with field data we collected with a Trimble Juno SB. Finally, we used PostgreSQL to add personal contact information and interests of residents and business owners. We believe this is the future of stabilizing small neighborhood-based organizations, worried about efficiency of outreach and loss of institutional memory due to staff turn-over. Our current questions are whether our technology will remain relevant and how we can ensure long-term data management?

  50. Hello, I am Tom Moberg, and I currently consult with non-profit organizations and small businesses to help them find and implement effective technology solutions. I have a long career in the non-profit technology field and have been consulting for about 4.5 years. For me, the key in any of this work is trying to get clear what is a technology problem and what is a people problem. In most cases it is a mixture of the two!

    This conference interests me at many levels: My kids attend St. Paul schools and I see technology literacy as an emerging need for kids; I have yet to find a really good way to connect my neighborhood electronically; The people working to improve the lives of people in the community work at so many different agencies and organizations and this is one event to get a sense of that work.

    Looking forward to the information and conversations!


  51. Hello, I am excited about being a part of the unconference. I am a web developer and engineer and am looking forward to discussing opportunities to make local governments more accesible to all members of our communities.

  52. Hello! I’m Emily Kampa. I’m a Data Management Specialist for the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging (MAAA) and manage data for, which is a statewide resource website sponsored by the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA). Although I work closely with those aforementioned state entities, I am an employee of MAAA, which is a non-profit organization ( I have also held positions as a Health Insurance Counselor (Medicare/Medicaid) and Information and Referral Specialist (connecting seniors and their caregivers to community resources via the Senior LinkAge Line) within the same organization.

    I am the Volunteer Forum Manager for the St. Paul Dayton’s Bluff Neighbors Forum on (@democracy). And, that’s how I found out about CityCamp! I’m passionate about networking of any type and feel naturally drawn to how 2.0 networks and open source technology can bring together individuals and communities, further connecting them to the world. I’m also very interested in learning more about how more accessible GIS mapping tools can help develop real-time crime reporting for cities and neighborhoods. Tomorrow will be an amazing day full of connections, idea-sharing and inspiration! I can’t wait to share knowledge with you all!

    I’ll be tweeting via @emkampa

    I’ll also be building a word cloud using during our introductions.

  53. 1. Who are you? Be conversational.

    I’m Robin Smothers, Humphrey grad with a MPA in Community Engagement, I have been a PR /communications/social media consultant for 13 years who primarily works with governments organizations, school districts and non-profits.

    2. Why are you coming to or interested in CityCamp Minnesota?

    I’m always interested in learning about government agency/orgs are incorporating social media/PR 2.0. in their communications and engagement plans.

    3. Share any contact details and links you wish.

    Robin Smothers

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