CityCampMN 2011 – Quick Review

CityCampMN Word Cloud

We will have a more detailed review of CityCampMN soon.

For now, here are some news articles, blog posts and other items.

A key outcome is that that Bud Fisher volunteered to call a “what’s next” meeting in January 2012 with the dozen or more volunteers who raised their hands to explore what’s next. To join Bud and others, join the CityCampMN online working group.


Also, everyone should join the global CityCamp Exchange for useful exchange across the 2.0 and local government, community, etc. space.


CityCampMN Real-Time

Before you come, preview the participant introductions or scan the public version of the attendee list (scroll down) to start the networking.

Tweet that you are on your way or will be attending with the hashtag #CityCampMN.

Dress casual.

Then get parked and then get inside the Humphrey Center on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota.

Coffee will be out at 8:00 a.m. when registration opens. We will start at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

Humphrey School Social Media course students will have a blue sticker on their name tags if you have any questions during the day.

Fill out session idea cards (with something you’d like to share OR learn – video example) in the Atrium. Those who want to “lead” a session may also briefly promote their idea during the morning on stage. (Similar ideas are then combined and crafted into the full session grid off stage.)