CityCampMN January 11th “Unsad” Happy Hour – Theme “Nonprofits,” What’s Next Brainstorming Option

CityCamp Minnesota 2012

CityCamp is an international unconference series and online community focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations.

On November 12 we held the 1st CityCamp in Minnesota

On Wednesday, January 11th, the networking continues at The Republic in Seven Corners – the same location as our post- CityCampMN happy hour.



The theme for the first of our 2012 Quarterly Meetups is “Nonprofits.”  MN is a hotbed of great nonprofits and we welcome these groups, their supporters, and the whole CityCamp community for a great time! 

4 p.m. CityCamp 2012 Brainstorm – Optional

Join volunteer Bud Fisher with Advocate Interactive to shape what’s next for CityCamp in 2012!  Topics include upcoming themes, speakers, code-a-thons, and whatever else is important to the group!

5 p.m. Networking Unsad Hour

After the brainstorm we’ll open up for networking and conversation. Expect to meet great people from government, startups, nonprofits, citizen groups and more! (The Republic’s awesome Happy Hour specials run until 6 p.m.)

6 p.m. Fire Drill Presentations

If we get 50 registrants – although let’s try for 75 – we’ll take votes for three attendee-chosen topics prior to networking.  Our three notable speakers will whip up some great content during networking, then give short presentations on the topics…this should be exciting!

Let’s make this a great start to the year – let’s all invite five of our contacts to join the collaboration for a lively event!

After You Register