Submit Session Ideas 2013

Submit Ideas

Submit your session ideas now online.

We have three 45 minute time slots to fill with at least seven rooms available. That’s 21 different session topics!

While you will have a second chance at the conference to submit ideas in-person, use IdeaScale now to submit your session ideas.

Not sure? Give a thumbs up “I agree” vote on the ones interest you the most, so we assign rooms appropriately. Some sessions will attract 5 people and others 25 – whatever size it is, is the right size. There are also a number of 6 person conference rooms available for spontaneous connecting.

Here are some possible session topic ideas (remember someone has to actually submit the session idea for it to take place!):

  • open government

  • civic technology apps

  • open data,  visualization and analytics

  • tech for social justice and equity

  • neighbors online

  • digital youth empowerment

  • online engagement

  • digital journalism

  • civic hacking and maker projects

  • digital inclusion

  • social media for good

  •  your new idea here!

To get a sense of kinds of topics are possible, see our session grid from 2011 and recent session lists from CityCamps in OaklandColorado, and Raleigh.

Session Types

Unconferences are conversational. We recommend a format where with most sessions everyone is invited to introduce themselves and say what about the session topic interests them and what is their burning question or lesson to share going into the conversation.

Consider using one (or more) of these session types or formats to help get the most out of CityCampMN:

  • Birds of a Feather – Convene a group around a shared interest, work domain, or topic. Aim to identify how this group can benefit from each other, such as through staying more connected, sharing best practices, etc.
  • Workshop – Teach/learn a skill. Focus the session around a particular activity that can be accomplished in the available time.
  • Round-table – Specify a topic and hold a round-table discussion that investigates this topic from the varied perspectives in the room.
  • Demonstration – Share a topical project, story, result, tool, or strategy. Or, share multiple if there is time.
  • 5 Minutes of Fame – Cut the session up into 5-minute (or similar) presentations by the attendees. This can be a generic session, or narrowed to a particular topic.
  • Clinic – Domain experts and practitioners provide intensive assistance to folks who are new to particular areas.
  • Q&A – Bring a panel of a few folks together to answer questions on a topic of interest.
  • Invent-your-own: ?

(Hat tip to OpenOakland for the session types list.)